Running in Carlsbad

This past Saturday and Sunday was primarily spent in Carlsbad. The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, and we succeeded in completing our running event.
On Saturday, we went to the fitness expo and picked up our registration packet. I really enjoyed the fitness expo because there were plenty of freebies, and I got the chance to visit one of my favorite cities, Carlsbad. Seriously, I’d love to live in Carlsbad. It gives you that small town feel with a modern vibe, all next to the ocean. Read More

Fabulous Friday, 3/27/15

This week has been busy, fun, stressful, and eventful. Hubby and I made a last minute trip to Sacramento, and although I enjoyed it, I was happy to return home. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Also, I think my allergies are messing up, and it put me in a bad mood. That was one of the great things about living in Arizona…nothing affected my allergies. Here in California, it’s a different story.

I don’t have a list for this week because I’m just grateful to be home and surrounded by loving family and friends.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :-).

Southern Girl Realness: Dating Etiquette

I don’t claim to know everything about dating and marriage. No one does. However, as a married woman, I think there is some validity to my opinion when it comes to these subject matters. My opinions might be a little archaic and very southern, but as a Georgia girl, I speak my truth. Too often these days people hear the saying, “Marriage is dying.” It seems like the idea of marriage is one that isn’t largely respected in this day and age. Being a baby momma is more common (especially in the African-American community…don’t get me started on that 72% out-of-wedlock birthrate), and far too many couples are settling for the pseudo idea of what marriage is instead of actually getting married. That’s a problem! Read More

Reset Our Marriage

It seems like every electronic these days has a “reset” button on them. If you’re having a problem with the electronic, all you have to do is press the “reset” button and the devices are like new (most of the time). Well, a marriage is like that that too sometimes. Read More