In Search of the Orange Egg

My husband and I love eggs, and we eat them daily. I wasn’t always a big egg eater, but two years ago, that changed. Making a hard-boiled egg was easy, quick, and fast for those mornings when I had to be in class. It also made for a good snack, filled with a complete protein.

I normally consume organic eggs, but that has changed. I know people think organic is best when it comes to eggs, but studies show, that’s not necessarily true. You can still have an organic chicken that is eating the wrong diet and stuffed in cages–dismissing their abilities to roam around freely (which is vital to a healthy chicken and eggs). One of my nursing instructors raised her own chickens, and she would sometimes bring these eggs with deep orange/red yolks. Initially, I thought something was wrong with her eggs because I thought all yolks were supposed to only be yellow. She noted yolks come in a variety of colors, and the deeper the yolk color, the better. She also said a good egg has a creamy yolk.

I revisited that conversation when I read a recent study comparing the nutritional facts of natural, free-range chicken eggs compared to organic chicken eggs that weren’t free-range. I was shocked to read how much of a difference there was.  It also noted the deeper yolk colored eggs were healthier than the organic, yellow yolked eggs. This whole time I had it wrong! I informed my husband of what I read, and he suggested we purchase some natural, free-range chicken eggs and see for ourselves.

I found a local farmer (Primal Pastures) that not only sold eggs, but he also sells meat and seafood. We ordered our eggs online and picked them up that weekend. I was excited to try them…even purchased some cute ceramic egg crates I found at Home Goods for our eggs. The eggs were all brown with the exception of one. That one was a blueish color. We used up all of the eggs in about a week, and here is what I noticed:

1. Yes, the yolk was a lot creamier and tasted better.

2. The shells were harder to break.

3. The yolks were more yellow.

That’s it. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any deep orange/red yolks (that’s what I really wanted). Hopefully that will happen next time we purchase some eggs.