I passed the NCLEX-RN on the 3rd, interviewed for a Registered Nurse position on the 13th (was offered the position on the same day, and today I signed my offer letter. YES!!!! My career as a Registered Nurse starts today. I’m elated and nervous at the same time. It’s one thing to study in school and work under someone else’s license during clinical and preceptorship. It’s another thing to have your OWN license, take care of patients, and be responsible for both. I’m sure I will do well if I stay safe, and of course, pray/meditate. I now have to get used to waking up early in the mornings again since I will be working the day shift. I used to work the night shift when I worked at a hospital in Arizona, and since relocating to California, my day usually begins around 10 a.m. since I wasn’t working. I can forget about that luxury, but it’s for a good reason.


  1. Mimi · March 19, 2015



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