Fabulous Friday, 3/20/15

Hello! I hope all of you are enjoying this first day of Spring. Here in Southern California, the weather is beautiful! It’s 82 degrees, the sun is shining, and the sky is a pretty blue with white clouds. I know it sounds very “picture perfect,” but its the truth. Spring is one of my favorite seasons (fall is the other), so I am loving this time of the year. It brings me back to my childhood when the dogwood trees surrounding the house would have pretty white and pink blossoms. Hubby is currently at work, and I wish he was here to enjoy with me, but hey…we have bills to pay. He will be home later, and we have plans to enjoy the rest of the day together.

I’m elated to have a day to myself today. This week has been filled with many meetings, orientations, physical exams, and drug screenings. If any of you work in healthcare, you know  how that is. They want to make sure you can do the job and not getting high on any illegal substances. I have another orientation meeting tomorrow morning, and I’m sort of looking forward to it. I don’t like meetings on the weekend. I like my weekends to be easy breezy, but healthcare doesn’t work like that. O’well.

Anyways, here is my list for my Fabulous Friday. I’m thankful for:

1. Getting a good offer and signing it. Nursing is a good field, and the pay isn’t too shabby either. It should be; nursing isn’t an easy job. You have to put up with a lot and work long hours. Looking at my offer letter, it’s clear that I’ve come a long way from my days of working as a CNA while in nursing school.

2. Having a Director of Nursing personnel who is cool (thus far). This is important because this is the person who I have to report to (besides my supervisor). In my experience of employment, I’ve found it is vital to have superiors who have a pleasing personality and who are examples of good leaders. The worst supervisor I had was a woman at a research facility in Arizona. It was my first job in Arizona, and she was a  complete mess. The turnover under her supervision was ridiculously high, but management never did anything about it. My acceptance into nursing school saved me from her wrath because I was able to quit and tell her to kick rocks with open-toed shoes.  My last DON was wonderful, and I hoped to have that same experience in California. It looks like I will have that.

3. Meeting some really nice women this week during orientation. Living in a new city without many friends, it can be a little challenging. Plus, the older you get, the harder it is to meet authentic, good people. Age makes us more set in our ways less friendly and resistant to change. These women were friendly, and we had some good conversations (probably shouldn’t have been talking as much during orientation). One of the women is ex-military, and she is familiar with the company my husband works for. She noted, “That place is beautiful! He is lucky.” I agreed with her. My husband’s place of employment is absolutely amazing, and I wish I could be there. If they ever needed a nurse, I’d be the first one to send in an application. Until then, I will settle for the perks that they give the employees and their spouses, including access to a great gym, tennis courts, and a really nice golf club.

4. No snow…’nuff said.

5. Speaking of my husband, he was recently acknowledged by the VP of his program. I’m so proud of him! He has been there for less than three months, and already he is doing well enough for the VP to seek and acknowledge him on the work he has been doing.  Hubby is a hard worker, and even though I may not be happy with him bringing his work home sometimes, I know its for the betterment of his career. As much as he has been supportive of me, I will be just as supportive of him. Teamwork makes the dream work 🙂

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”Harriet Ann Jacobs