Reset Our Marriage

It seems like every electronic these days has a “reset” button on them. If you’re having a problem with the electronic, all you have to do is press the “reset” button and the devices are like new (most of the time). Well, a marriage is like that that too sometimes.

Every now and then a good reset is needed to refocus and put things back into perspective. With everything that has been going on recently, we needed to take the time to have a small reset. This weekend was great for that because we not only enjoyed each other, but we also communicated a lot and focused on the needs of our marriage.

We didn’t plan our “reset” time, but I think a higher power planned it (God). My husband wanted to visit Idyllwild on Saturday, and during our trip, both of our phones went out (that’s rare). Additionally, both of our phone charges went out (that’s rare too), and the car charger was nowhere to be found (really rare). We were forced to be alone without any electronics, and in this day and age of the cellphone, that was hard to do. After a while, we enjoyed not having our phones, and we enjoyed the day. Dinner that night was spent at South Coast Winery. We had a nice view outside, and it added to intimate mood. We talked more, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves. We also flirted more than usual with each other (maybe that was the wine talking…maybe not). It was nice to focus on the things around me and in front of me, instead of focusing on what was on the phone. I think I’m going to have more cellphone-free days.

The following day was filled with visits to Balboa Park and Carlsbad, one of my favorite cities. After spending time there, we came home and did absolutely nothing but sleep. It was very refreshing and relaxing, LOL!

Now I’m looking forward to our next “reset” weekend.