Running in Carlsbad

This past Saturday and Sunday was primarily spent in Carlsbad. The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, and we succeeded in completing our running event.
On Saturday, we went to the fitness expo and picked up our registration packet. I really enjoyed the fitness expo because there were plenty of freebies, and I got the chance to visit one of my favorite cities, Carlsbad. Seriously, I’d love to live in Carlsbad. It gives you that small town feel with a modern vibe, all next to the ocean. After that, we went to Armstrong Garden. There is a location near where we live, but the one in Carlsbad is BEAUTIFUL! Its 50 acres of heaven, and that’s perfect for someone like me who loves to garden. While there, I took advantage of communicating with a gardening expect on various plants in my garden. One of the flowers that I fell in love with was the sweet pea plant. There was a “Sweet Pea Maze,” and we decided to go through the maze. Each turn and corner was lined with various flowering sweet plants in pinks, purples, reds, oranges, etc. These plants also smell wonderful. Before the end of the day, I made sure to purchase six sweet pea plants, in addition to some sage and lavender to attract bees for pollination (Hubby hates bees, but he will have to deal). Sunday was the day of the 5k, and I was hyped. The last 5k I ran was in 12/2013, so it’s been a while. I was also nervous because I didn’t train for this at all. I ran here and there, but nothing consistent. Hubby naturally runs faster than me, and it comes easy for him. He used to run cross-country in school, and he is tall with long legs. I was a cheerleader in school, and I hated running. I didn’t start running until a few years ago, and I have to work at it. He had a goal of completing it in less than 30 minutes, and he would’ve had he not stayed with me. We completed in a little over 30 minutes, and to me, that was awesome. In my defense, I was attracted to the beauty of running along the ocean, and I did slow down a little to take some pictures. After crossing the finish line, we received a metal, snacks, and of course, many “Congratulations!” There was another fitness expo held at the event, and I stocked up on freebies again. There was also free beer to the competitors of age, but since I forgot my I.D., I wasn’t able to partake in the beer. No biggie to me since I’m not a beer fanatic, and when I do drink beer, it’s Peroni (there wasn’t any Peroni there). Overall, it was a great 5k, and we liked it so much that we went ahead and registered for next year. This time, I plan on finishing before 30 minutes because I don’t want to ever again run a 5k without being prepared. It really sucks! After taking all of the freebies that we could, we came home to shower, and we headed to the beach in Carlsbad. We packed a lunch, towels, sunscreen, books…anything we could think of to have a relaxing time at the beach. We ended up staying until the sunset, and then we went home. Here are a few pictures of the weekend. Please forgive the lack of quality in the photos…this is what you get when you use a camera phone.