Books for A Marital Boost

The Hubby and myself before we were "Mr. & Mrs."

The Hubby and myself before we were “Mr. & Mrs.”

Marriage is a blessing. It represents the union of two people who wish to unite as one and live lawfully together (have to put lawfully in there because you do sign a state appointed marriage license). Even though marriage has its ups and downs, at the end of the day, the two parties should still be in love with each other. Well, that’s how it should be.

Unfortunately, marriage in today’s society receives a bad reputation. Movies and television shows have no respect for marriage, being a single parent is highly accepted and at times celebrated, and let’s not talk about the horrible dating scene. Additionally, studies have shown people are putting off marriage due to a variety of reasons.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’ve never questioned my marriage. Yes, I have done that. I have wondered if we would last, and if not, would I ever get married again. I have wondered if my husband would ever leave me, and if so, for what reason. Those thoughts mostly hit me when I was extremely busy with school and work, and I realized I was putting my marriage in the backseat…a major NO! Last year, during our wedding anniversary trip, I promised myself to not neglect my marriage and communicate better with my husband. I also promised to make time for my marriage, even though I was in nursing school. That meant weekly date nights were a must, and I had to get my assignments done before that day. One of the books that really helped me to understand marriage and know what kind of wife I wanted to be was the book Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas. It was a huge eye-opener, and it made me admit the mistakes I was making, as well as my husband. Being a young, married couple, at times we tend to think we know it all when we don’t know crap about love and longevity in marriage.

I’ve recently started reading another book called Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver. The book caught my attention because of the name. Not too often do you hear about wives being happy. We can have a long list of wives being depicted as unhappy and “desperate” for outside attention, but not much acknowledgement is given to the wives that are genuinely happy in their marriages…like me. This book is literally a breath of fresh air because it goes against the grain. It’s uplifting while also being real and honest. I can appreciate the author’s desire to compile stories from different women who have one thing in common…they love their husbands and their marriages.

I highly recommend both books, especially if you’re in a crossroads in your marriage and need something to assist you in getting to the place where you want to be.