Evening Shift & My Marriage Don’t Mix



My normal work shift is during the daytime. I love my hours because I leave early in the morning, and by the time I come home, it’s still daylight and early. I have enough time to do the things that I need to do, and I can also spend time with my husband. This past week, I’ve been orienting on the evening shift, and I must say…I don’t like it. I enjoy the learning experience and how fast things happen on this shift, but I leave in the middle of the day, and I come home in the early morning. I leave alone and come home to a husband that is already in bed (well, he waits for me on the couch, but he is still sleep). Neither of us are enjoying this, and I spoke with my supervisor to make sure this won’t be my permanent hours.

Thankfully, I was assured. It’s just for training.

Working these hours has really shown me how work schedules can greatly impact your relationship, especially your marriage. There is hardly enough time to communicate, spend quality time together, or really connect. Although the evening shift has a shift differential financially, it’s not worth it to me. Making a few extra dollars per hour isn’t worth the risk of having a lackluster marriage. I’m not here for that at all, especially when my husband and I are still technically “newlyweds.”

To say that I’m happy to be ending my orientation on the evening shift is an understatement. I’m ready to go back to my reality and have that balance I enjoy between work and personal life.