Date Night Ideas: Alphabetical Style

In order to keep a marriage on the right track, you have to keep each other interested and the flame burning. Date nights help with that because it gives you the opportunity to connect with each other intimately. As stated before, I want to do better with date night ideas. I look forward to date night, but no one wants a boring date night.  Thankfully, I found an interesting date night list from Canvas & Table. The list is awesome, and I’m very excited about implementing these into my marriage.

Here is a snippet of the list of “Alphabetical Date Night” ideas:

A~ Art (have an artsy date, make art, or go to an Art Gallery or Art Museum), Appetizer Date (go to a couple or several restaurants and just have appetizers), Aquarium, Arboretum, Auto Show, Amphitheater (outdoor theater), Antiquing, Air Show, Arcade, Australian Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Apple Pie (bake it and/or eat it together)
B~ Basketball, Baseball, Bird Watching, Bowling, Biking, Boat Rides, Board Games, Books (read books, buy books, go to a library or bookstore), Breakfast, BBQ, Bacon, Brazilian Steakhouse
C~ Camping, Concert, Cinema, Circus, Carriage Ride, Comedy, Cooking (at home or a class), Cajun, Chinese, Coffee, Cheese, Cheesecake
D~ Dancing (lessons, if need be), Drive-In Movie, Driving Range, Dodgeball, Downtown Date, Dress Up Night (at home or out), Dog Show, Diving (sky or sea), Duck (hunting or eating), Dinner, Deviled Eggs, Donuts (make them or buy them)
E~ Ebay, Early Bird Date (watch the sunrise and have breakfast together), Escape Game (popular game in which you get locked in a room with an hour to figure out the clues), Elephant Rides, European Cuisine, Eggs, Eggplant, Egg Rolls, Espresso, Earl Gray Tea, English Breakfast (look it up if you don’t know what it is), Enchiladas
F~ Fun, Festival, Fitness, Football, Favorite Things (your favorite things to do together), Fireworks (go to a show or shoot them off somewhere yourself), Farmer’s Market, Food, Fish (eat them or catch them), Fondue, Fish & Chips, French Cuisine
G~ Golf, Games, Geocaching, Go Carts, Gift Shopping (go shopping for gifts for each other or people in your lives), Gardening, Grill (go to one or grill at home), German Cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Gumbo, Gingerbread, Gelatin
H~ Hockey, Hiking, Horse-back Riding, History (go to a museum, watch a documentary, read books, or go to the historical part of town and make a night of it), House Hunting (for fun, look at the expensive neighborhoods and dream together), Home Improvement, Helicopter Ride, Hawaiian Night, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Ham, Hummus

Seriously, this is awesome! You can find the rest of the list at Canvas & Table 🙂