June Goals

It’s a new month already! It seems like just yesterday it was January.

With a new month come new goals for me. I love making goals because it they keep me going. It’s also fun and challenging, and who doesn’t like a challenge? Here is a list of goals that I’ve set for myself for the month of June:

  1. Run 60 miles. I’m part of a fitness group, and we keep each other going. One lady set a goal to run 100 miles in one month, and she made that goal. I’m not setting my goal that high (yet), but I think 60 miles is good. Lord knows I need to do some running.
  1. Perform yoga daily. Yoga is more than fitness for me; it’s a form of relaxation and meditation. I’ve been missing out on my yoga, and I feel it in my body. I need to do better.
  2. Save at least $500. I need to do better at saving, and this month will be a little hard because we have two trips coming up this month. One of them is to Vegas, and we all know it’s hard to save money when you go to Vegas. However, I we still have financial goals, so I need to practice diligence and control when it comes to my spending.
  3. Eat better. When I’m stressed, I eat. I wish I was one of those stressful eaters that don’t eat. I’m the complete opposite. When I’m stressed, I eat…a lot! I want to eat better this month. If I’m going to eat a lot of food, I should replace the fries with salads or something because my thighs are screaming, “Girl, look! We’re meeting too much.”
  4. Have more eventful date nights. Date nights lately have been boring, and we need to spice it up. I want to do other things such as going to museums, taking an art class, etc. Something besides dinner (see #4).



  1. Howto$tuffYourPig · June 2, 2015

    I like the idea of making monthly goals! Saving is easy because we wish to retire early, but now you have my wheels turning on the other goals I should be adding to the list! Thanks for the inspiration!


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