New RN Wish List

If I’m not mistaken, I noted I received a new position as an RN at a pediatric hospital. I’m extremely excited about this position, and I start in less than two weeks.

Since I’m transitioning to this new position, I have a small wish list. These are items that I find fitting for my career; for, they will be beneficial to keeping my patients and myself safe, organized, and cute 🙂

1. ADSCOPE Animal Scope: There is a hierarchy in when it comes to stethoscopes, and Littmann is at the top of that hierarchy. I have a Littmann stethoscope, but it’s for adults. I don’t have a pediatric one, and to be honest, I don’t want to invest the extra funds for one right now (they’re not cheap at all). This ADSCOPE has great reviews, is very pediatric friendly, and it’s much cheaper. I love that it comes in different colors, and you can change the face plate with different animals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a bell end, so I will eventually get a Littmann for that reason.

2. Dansko Shoes: Comfortable shoes are a MUST when you work in healthcare, especially if you’re working in a hospital setting. You’re constantly on your feet, and you need something that is very comfortable. I love Danskos because they allow me to walk constantly for 12+ hours. Literally, I have no pain in my feet.  This is great because I have low arches, and I need the support. I have leather Danskos, but I want the patent leather ones because they’re easier to clean. Let’s be honest…as a nurse, you’re bound to have fluids  on you, especially when you’re working with children. Patent leather shoes are easy to wipe down, and they’re still shiny. Who doesn’t love shoes like that?

3. Utility Bag: I love bags! I have a bag for almost any and everything, except for nursing. When going to work, I would bring one bag but have a plethora of smaller bags on the inside for various things. That became annoying quick. I love this utility bag because it has pockets to keep your items in, and it’s big enough to pack vital items such as an extra pair of scrubs (just in case you get bodily fluids on you), notebooks, lunch, water bottle, etc. Also, I love the fact that this bag is customizable. I can see myself using this bag not only for nursing but also for traveling too.

4. Kate Spade Glasses: I wear glasses or contacts (depending on what I’m in the mood for), but when I’m at work, I wear glasses. Since taking chemistry class in undergrad, I found eyeglasses to be great for protection. Since then, I have been very cognizant of protecting my eyes, and this is especially true for working in the hospital. These Kate Spade glasses are really cute and comfortable (I’ve already tried them on). They’re also great for my oval-shaped face.


  1. Cynthia · July 16, 2015

    Good luck!!


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