A Challenge to Love

I first read about the Lovings in the 11th grade during my U.S. history class. The teacher was going over legal cases that changed our nation, and Loving vs. Virginia was included. I was amazed at the tenacity and bravery of the Lovings, and I vowed to never forget them. Additionally, their unfaltering love for each other was enough to make my teenage heart melt and secretly wish to marry a man who would love and fight for me the way Richard Loving did for his wife, Mildred Loving.

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Date Night Ideas: Alphabetical Style

In order to keep a marriage on the right track, you have to keep each other interested and the flame burning. Date nights help with that because it gives you the opportunity to connect with each other intimately. As stated before, I want to do better with date night ideas. I look forward to date night, but no one wants a boring date night.  Thankfully, I found an interesting date night list from Canvas & Table. The list is awesome, and I’m very excited about implementing these into my marriage.

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June Goals

It’s a new month already! It seems like just yesterday it was January.

With a new month come new goals for me. I love making goals because it they keep me going. It’s also fun and challenging, and who doesn’t like a challenge? Here is a list of goals that I’ve set for myself for the month of June:

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