New RN Wish List

If I’m not mistaken, I noted I received a new position as an RN at a pediatric hospital. I’m extremely excited about this position, and I start in less than two weeks.

Since I’m transitioning to this new position, I have a small wish list. These are items that I find fitting for my career; for, they will be beneficial to keeping my patients and myself safe, organized, and cute 🙂 Read More

Ready To Go In Style

Hello! I realize I haven’t posted in a while; work has taken over. Last week, I worked a full load in addition to orienting with a wound care RN. After that experience, I have MUCH respect for them. I couldn’t handle being a wound care RN. Although it was very informative and exciting at times, I’ve decided that isn’t for me. I’m totally OK with that.

Yesterday, I did a little shopping, and I am excited about my new passport holder. Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to travel more. I think it’s a tragedy to live in this huge world and not explore it. To go along with my travel plans, I purchased a new passport holder. I’m a fan of Kate Spade, and I just had to have this for my personal collection.  Read More