New RN Wish List

If I’m not mistaken, I noted I received a new position as an RN at a pediatric hospital. I’m extremely excited about this position, and I start in less than two weeks.

Since I’m transitioning to this new position, I have a small wish list. These are items that I find fitting for my career; for, they will be beneficial to keeping my patients and myself safe, organized, and cute 🙂 Read More

Fabulous Friday, 5/29/15

I haven’t done a Fabulous Friday post in forever, but I’m doing one today. I need to get back into doing these weekly posts because they remind me to be thankful for the things in my life, and they also keep me focused on my goals. This past week, I’ve been ill with the stomach flu, but I’m feeling so much better today and ready to share my weekly blessings.

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